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şura schrieb am 14.01.2010, 16:42 Uhr:
hallo rené how are u ?
I want to see on tv u
where are u nowadays..?:scratch:
we miss you
u have lots of fan from turkey
they love you I hope u know that..
we want to only one
ıf u see my message..can u send a kiss usO:) and say hallo
that will be wonderful for us
liebe grüsse...:thumbup:

Natasha schrieb am 14.01.2010, 09:19 Uhr:
words are very unnecessary
they can only do harm

Enjoy the Silence

simone schrieb am 13.01.2010, 21:15 Uhr:
why steve ?
we want that rene answer to us and we wonder rene..
what is bad in that ?
I cant understand u....:scratch:

Steve schrieb am 13.01.2010, 21:07 Uhr:
Stop your chat please :arg::arg::arg:

simone schrieb am 13.01.2010, 20:49 Uhr:
suse ....O:):clap::clap::thumbup::thumbup:;):D
I hope this time iy will :flag::thumbup:

Suse schrieb am 13.01.2010, 19:47 Uhr:
:scratch: Mmmmmh.. :scratch: Mmmh..

:jump: I have an idea !

Dear René !


Please give us an answer in your guestbook !!

:scratch: Mmmmmmmh..

And now.. i wait..:coffee: lallalllala..

simone schrieb am 13.01.2010, 16:01 Uhr:
unfortunately how can we break his silence...?.
what can we do ??:scratch::scratch:;)

Natasha schrieb am 13.01.2010, 13:42 Uhr:
Rene prefer to keep on being silent:D

simone schrieb am 13.01.2010, 11:22 Uhr:
thanks suse
but rene alaong time dont write to us...
being upset me....:cry::arg:
dankeschön ...;)

Suse schrieb am 12.01.2010, 21:47 Uhr:
(at) Simone

What do u mean ? :scratch: Mmmh..

Please smile a little bit ! :wave:

Many greetings from Berlin :hat: